Shifting Horizons

Regeneration Business Retreat
for Food Professionals in Tuscany

Thu, June XX.XX.XX –  Mon, June XX.XX.XX| XXXX, Tuscany


This 5-Day Retreat is about connection and questioning. We are a group of passionate change-makers from the regenerative and conscious food sector. Together, we co-create workshops on regenerative agriculture, permaculture, re-gen nutrition, mindful eating, and more. 

We collaborate with locals to explore the Tuscan nature by foraging, herbalism and of course enjoy the unique Italian cuisine. Consciously, we experience the delicious products of our land in harmony with the natural cycle of nature.



Foraging & Herbalism
Learning from regenerative farmers
Intro to permaculture



The ecological worldview
Regenerative business transformations
Regenerative leadership



Mindful Forest Walk



Connect with other professionals from the regenerative food industry. Our carefully selected group of participants allows for knowledge, experience and skill sharing and to expand a valuable network of individuals who share your values and passion. We question, reflect and develop new ideas. We discover collaboration potential and co-create together.


It´s time for change. We come together to question and re-think our food systems. We brainstorm and define action to provoke positive change that is so much needed in this fundamental sector of life. In an environment full of possibilities, we seek opportunities. We include local experts for direct access to land and micro-economies.


We encourage questioning our inner belief systems. We create a safe space to express fears and challenges. In community, we establish new narratives and empower change. For a holistic, nourishing experience, we integrate mindfulness practices and space for self. As confident and empowered humans we can take on future challenges more easily and feel motivated and loved.



You’re clear, focused on what truly matters, and envisioning the impact you want in the world. You’ve shed the noise, vanity metrics, old stories, and limiting beliefs. You’re in tune with your authentic self, nature, the land, local and seasonal food, and fellow regenerative-minded professionals. The path ahead is regenerative, and you feel empowered and supported.





Arrival Day
During the Week
Departure Day

our concept


We make use of the potential of our carefully selected group of participants. Using mastermind principles and holding space for profound professional development and creation of new ideas. During the course of the experience we flow through different phases of regenerative principles, all based on co-creation principles.


Together we will explore the Regenerative worldview. Grounded in the world of Food and guided by unlearning, imagination and transformation exercises designed to help you to Shift Horizons.


Foraging, learning from nature & and local farmers, and forest bathing. Experiences at the intersection between food & and nature.

Express your (un)learnings and reflections through food. How can you turn your newly discovered perspective into a delicious dish?


Creative CookingWe come together is small cooking teams to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinners. This is the opportunity to realize new learnings and experiences into creation of delicious Italian meals with use of local and seasonal ingredients. A professional chef will support us with expertise.

Community Sharing: Our objective is to deepen connections between impact-driven professionals. We want to ensure a save space for every personality and preference, individual requirements and under consideration of the dynamics of the group.

Nature Immersive : Hikes Bring your outdoor gear! Little is more inspiring than a beautiful hike in nature: the perfect time to reflect, to connect or to brainstorm. Our location has direct access to the wild beauty of the Tuscan countryside.



Minou is a Transformation Facilitator and regenerative creative with a background in food innovation, lateral thinking & systems thinking. She creates experiences that help people Shift Horizons and embrace the regenerative worldview.


Anja is founder of AGAIA Coliving, an impact-driven New Work project in rural Italy. She hosts retreats for individuals and communities with focus on regeneration, female social entrepreneurship and creative unfolding.


Jamie is Guiding Early-Stage Startup Founders Toward Regenerative Enterprise Design, Circular Economy Expert, Start-Up Coach and system Change Engineer.


We are looking for a chef with passion and experience in the regenerative food industry.

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1. fill out the booking request and schedule a discovery call with us to find out if you are a good fit.
2. Decide if you wish to join, Connect to the group and prepare for your stay.
3. We curate your experience designed to meet the needs of the group.


A life in harmony with nature is priority to us. This is why we collaborate with local structures who align to our values of eco-conscious and sustainable living. This means for example consumption of local and seasonal products, reduction of waste, collaboration with local persons and businesses and support of local farmers. For our retreats we have developed a sustainability concept (soon available on our website) to ensure transparency, share knowledge and raise awareness for this important topic amongst participants. Living up to our values on short experiences like a 1-week retreat is challenging and we encourage you to help us improve our concept to become more sustainable.

We encourage sustainable travel and offer an individual surprise reward* to those arriving by train from their previous location. The closest train station is Diano San Pietro (4 km). The closest airports are Nice and Genova (each 100 km). We can assist with transfer from the train station and airports. Before retreat start, we will coordinate arrival times of all participants to find out the most convenient option to share rides.

*ask us for details, if you are interested

The Ligurian riviera is known for its mild and consistent climate. Temperatures in the region in October vary between 15 – 25 C with little rain. We recommend to pack a bit of everything 🙂 (incl. a sweater and a jacket for the evening hours)

We offer apartments for both, shared and single use. You can express your preference to share an apartment and we will try to match you with another suitable participant who is open to sharing, too. 

You can get the full value out of the experience without any additional costs. Everything listed under “What’s included” is covered. There will be optional activities by external parties offered in addition, that you pay extra, if you chose to participate. 

Absolutely not. Everything that is offered is an invitation. We are giving options and impulses to provide the best value possible, but you choose what serves you best. We also encourage every participant to co-create the experience with us and e.g. offer something they like to share with the group in the creative community offerings sessions or come together for individual 1:1 sessions. This way, the experience will naturally align to the groups talents and we can make use of our full potential.

Vegetarian and vegan food will be provided for everyone. As we are a small group we can consider special dietary restrictions and allergies. A chef will be on-site for the complete week to manage the meal plan and organise the kitchen. Breakfasts are self-organized, lunches will be prepared by our chef to give us more space for co-working, workshops and other activities during the day. For dinner, we will organize ourselves into small cooking teams and use the common kitchen to prepare meals together with our chef. We believe, one of the beautiful bonding experiences of coliving is preparing meals and eating together, a great chance to learn and try out new recipes and get creative together. 

We ensured, that there is good WIFI available in the co-working area and the apartments. The co-working area can be used for individual work, collaboration and workshops. The apartments are equipped with a table / workspace for calls or focus time. 

Before the experience we get the group together to connect virtually and clarify all open questions and help you to prepare for the experience. Please share anything you want to offer to the community in our workshops beforehand with us, so we can support you and coordinate. Don´t forget to bring a journal, a yoga mat, a re-usable water bottle, sunscreen and sneakers or hiking boots.

Yes. We offer incentives for sustainable travel (by train) and for referrals, for example, if you bring your friend or partner and share an apartment or promote the experience within your network. If you like to participate but do not have the budget, we are open to discuss collaborations. Please contact us for more details. 

For more information contact us