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A Place of belonging, experiences

When you stay with us, we want you to feel at home. AGAIA is a safe space that leaves room for individuality within a supporting community.

We host coliving retreats for impact-driven Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs, and purpose-focused experiences around regeneration and social entrepreneurship.

The experience is yours – we provide opportunities. Whatever your journey is, we aim to enrich it and empower you for positive change. 


We share spaces and purposely facilitate community in uniquely selected, special locations in Italy. We support each others space and respect our needs and wishes.


Each space has a dedicated coworking area with good WIFI. Professional development is part of our experiences and networking just comes naturally. We are thriving towards an integrated lifestyle.


By bringing together a group of inspired and purpose-driven people, opportunities and space for new ideas and collaborations is created. We value an environment of learning and growth.

Upcoming Experiences

We are currently putting together amazingly aligned and impactful experiences for 2024.

You can simply register on our waitlist to be the first to know and benefit from special offers. 

Shifting horizons, a NEW experiences

Regeneration for Food Professionals
co-hosted with The Green Spirit and Make Honey


This 5-Day Retreat is about connection and questioning. We are a group of passionate change-makers from the regenerative and conscious food sector. Together, we co-create workshops on regenerative agriculture, permaculture, re-gen nutrition, mindful eating and more. We collaborate with locals to explore the Tuscan nature by foraging, herbalism and of course enjoy the unique Italian cuisine. Consciously, we experience the delicious products of our land in harmony with the natural cycle of nature.


Re-Connect experiences

2-week Nomad Retreat in Nature
co-hosted with As We Flow Coliving


Just a few minutes from the sea, we come together for an experience to re-connect: with ourselves, in community and with the wild and beautiful nature of Sardegna. As intentional group of impact-driven Digital Nomads we explore the perfect balance between nature, embodiment and mindfulness. Join us for a carefully curated experience of co-creation and personal- and professional development activities. 


Get Unstuck!

Deep Inner Work with psychologist Laura Lee


Do you feel stuck in your career, relationship or any other part of your life? Are you feeling the need for a transition, but not sure how to get there or what comes next? 

This retreat addresses those who want to move out of stagnation. During our 4-week journey we go deep and connect: with yourself and in community. Together with Laura Lee, an experienced psychologist, you will explore what is holding you back. Using experiential and body-oriented methods, we will first make space for slow introspection, then flow into co-creation and ultimately grow ideas and action steps to integrate into our daily lives during and after the retreat. All with support of the group.

More details coming soon…


Let's Evolve in such experiences!

Eco Business Retreat 
co-hosted with AWE Academy


What do you need to succeed in your professional and personal projects? Let this question guide us, while we explore how what you do can serve you best. A wholistic and regenerative approach to life applied during our 1-week retreat together with Anja and Dorchess from AWE Academy. We combine focused work hours with empowering group workshops, mindfulness and community activities.


A Special experiences in journey

Each coliving experience has a specific focus and will be individually designed to provide the highest possible benefit for the group. 

We do so by evaluating your needs and requirements and collaborate with professionals and locals to make the experience extra valuable. 

We invite all participants to actively co-create with us and share their knowledge and skills. 


1. Select your experience & Fill out the booking request form to schedule a discovery call with us.

2. Decide if you wish to join, Connect to your group and prepare for your stay.

3. We curate your experience based on the individual requirements of you and your group.

How to join

We are currently putting together amazingly aligned and impactful experiences for 2024. You can simply register on our waitlist to be the first to know and benefit from special offers. 

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our PAST coliving retreats


An experience where spiritual nomadic women entrepreneurs come to co-live and grow together. During our Soulful Business Retreat we created an energetic space for you to slow down, release the burden of external expectations and bask in presence with nature, yourself and amazing soulful women business owners!

10. – 17. September 2023

COliving & Coworking RETREAT (tuscany)

Experience Focus: Mindfulness, Inspiration and Creativity

One-week coliving and coworking emerged in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. We spent each day enriched by mindfulness practices, deep connection, healing and creative activities. The experience was shared with a diverse and purpose-driven community, an opportunity to develop new skills and exchange ideas. Next to everything we did, we found time to relax by the pool and walk in nature. In the evening we loved cooking together and to share dinners.

20. May – 27. May, 2023

COLIVING experiences (tuscany)

Experience Focus: Professional & Personal Development, Community & Impact

Community-focused coliving experience in a typical small town. Big coliving space with multiple apartments, terraces and garden with great views. Tranquility in rich nature, lots of possibilities for outdoor activities and learning about local culture. Cultural and creative activities, networking events, yoga sessions, village dinners. Strong community-building and wellbeing focus.

17. June – 08. July, 2023

PArtner experiences & Collaborations

We practice what we preach: collaboration and co-creation. We support businesses & projects who share our mission and align with our values. Maybe the following experiences are also interesting for you?